Confusing to setup/turn-on properly

This is the problem:
First time install (of course main switch is on!) nothing happened! Junk calls came in without any reaction. Don’t know why.
Re-intall second try:
Did essentially same setup. This time works good. App stays around upper left corner persistently and intercepts calls like a charm and better than anything else I tried! Good!
Went overseas for a month and so uninstalled until returned.
Now like first time it doesn’t work again!
It works very well when it works, but extremely confusing to setup for too many items to check without sufficient explanation and direction on the app!
Need a help balloon for every item so user can decide to check or not (name of item may seem self-explanatory but actually not clear to the average user). Also may help if all the absolutely necessary items are made to stand-out and/or differently colored. A check list with explanation also helps.
Anyway, I really like the program when it works so hope it can be setup more easily.


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